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Activities of primary students

The theme « Mary in the wedding at Cana »

Our students did a role play of the Gospel of ST. John -the Wedding in Cana-  and Sr. Lili Yan made a reflection on the powerful intercession of Mother Mary to Jesus who turned the water into wine so as not to embarass the newly wed couple.

Then, the students offer flowers to Mary.

We have singing and prayers to honor our Blessed Mother and to continue to ask her to intercede for all our needs and especially the needs of the school. All the MNDA Sisters joined in this religious activity.

Wedding in Cana 1

Wedding in Cana 3

Wedding in Cana 5

Wedding in Cana 4


St. Clare’s  School has been established by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels, for young girls to acquire knowledge of what it means to go hand in hand with Jesus Christ and an education that develops the whole person.

Our school motto ‘Truth Conquers’ is the aspiration for our entire school community.Through an experiential and scriptural based program, we strive to teach the children about God‘s love for them and about their responsibilities as Catholics. This is summed up in scriptures as “Love one another as I have loved you.” Religious Education at St. Clare’s has an educational and a faith formation dimension. 

The educational dimension occurs via classroom teaching and learning of the Catholic tradition which is presented faithfully and with integrity. The faith formation dimension is reflected in the religious life of the school which is ritualized in a diversity of ways through class prayers, class liturgies, Easter and Christmas events.

At assembly each morning, the day starts with our school prayer.  Through prayers we join together as a community to pray to our Father in heaven. It is our constant endeavour at St. Clare’s to install moral and spiritual values of compassion, respect for life and a close relationship with the Almighty- core values core of an all-rounded Catholic education.

 St. Clare’s Girls’ School

École de MNDA à Hong Kong

St. Clare’s Primary School

École primaire de MNDA à Hong Kong



School Opening Mass

 To restore and rekindle the young minds with the spirit of the Lord, the School Opening Mass was held on Friday, 21st September 2012, at  St. Anthony’s Church.Students from P.1 to P.6 joined in fervor and sang hymns, led by the Catholic teachers, to praise the Lord.  Rev.
Fr. Francis Wong encouraged students to take delight in new discoveries and acquire knowledge through hands on experiences.
He asked students to be open to learning at all times, and preached that whenever they have a desire to learn, the teacher would appear.The mass concluded with the faith that the Lord will bestow his blessings upon our students and teachers, and fill their hearts with his wisdom and love.

1 School Opening Mass

 3 School Opening Mass 4 School Opening Mass   

St. Francis Day Celebration

A favorite hymn proclaims, “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small … the Lord God made them all.”
St. Clare’s Primary School organized a ‘Blessing of the Animals Day’ in observance of St. Francis Day on Friday, 4th October, 2013.  St. Francis of Assisi was a nature lover and a patron saint of animals and the environment.
Animal blessings are partly fun, partly spiritual, and partly a serious effort at focusing attention on the treatment of animals. Students joined in the event with great enthusiasm by bringing in plush toy animals from home.
 Sr. Maricris led the ceremony with a prayer.  Sr. Goretti and   Sr. Maricris sprinkled the animals with holy water. The message of the day was clear – the love we give to a pet, and receive from a pet, can draw us more deeply into the larger circle of life, into the wonder of our common relationship with our Creator.
St Francis feast day 1
Sr Maricrs Sr Goretti
Sr Maricris

Crowning of Mary

Our school celebrated the Month of the Rosary with “Crowning of Mary”.
On 15th October 2012, we began the ceremony with the “Annunciation to Virgin Mary by Angel Gabriel”.
Some Catholic students put up this scene with a role play and the reading from the Bible.
Sr. Catherine also shared the virtues of Mother Mary that we can learn from, while Sr. Maricris carried out the crowning of Mary. Then, some students offered their flowers to Mother Mary to express our gratitude and respect. The event was ended with the whole school saying one decade of the Rosary together.
2Crowning of Mary
 1 Crowning of Mary

Praying for All Souls in Purgatory

In November, we pray particularly for the souls in Purgatory.This year, Sr. Maricris delivered a talk about returning to our Father’s home after our death, by introducing St. Michael Cemetery in Happy Valley.Afterwards, students wrote their prayer cards with devotion to pray for their deceased ancestors.
1 Souls in Purgatory 2 Souls in Purgatory


Feast of St. Clare of Assisi

The school celebrated the feast of our patron saint, St. Clare of Assisi on 18th March, 2013. 18th March was the Palm Sunday when St. Clare decided to followSt. Francis in pursuit of God’s love and genuine happiness.
We were glad to have Rev. Fr. Philip Chan from The Hong Kong Catholic Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception, our sisters as well as our honourable guests, to celebrate this meaningful day with us.
Fr. Chan reminded us to abandon our improper habits when we are still young so that we can always be good daughters of God.
 Mess 2
On this special occasion, student representatives in Poor Clare’s habits offered their gifts.
The gifts represented St. Clare’s virtues as we wanted to thank for God’s love and to remind ourselves to learn from our patron saint.
At the end of the mass, Fr. Chan blessed the cross buns to commemorate St. Clare’s obedience. Once, Pope Gregory IX visited St. Clare and the sisters. The Pope invited St. Clare to bless some bread. Yet she was so humble that she hesitated. The Pope ordered, ‘With the merit of the vow of obedience,  you will do what I tell you.’ Thus St. Clareextended her hand to bless the bread, making over it the sign of the cross, and lo and behold!  a cross appeared on it. 
2 Béni  
3 Béni

Month of the Rosary

On 17th October, 2013, the school held a ceremony to honour our Mother in heaven.
Sr. Maricris explained to us the hidden meaning of the word ‘pray’. Then, two students acted out a brief drama based on a bible story.
A number of girls offered roses to Mother Mary and the ceremony ended after praying a decade of Rosary.


 1 Month of Rosary
2 Month rosary


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